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Soft Washing Tips For Pristine Portland Properties

Soft washing tips for property

Hello, and thanks for checking in with the Portland pressure washing experts at Expert Property Maintenance. Now you know we talk a lot about how pressure washing is a great way to maintain the exterior spaces around your Portland property, blasting away stains and grime from your concrete sidewalks and driveways. Today we're going to take the pressure off and talk about something a little different: soft washing.

Soft washing is the tough exterior cleaning application with the gentle name, and it is a surface saver when it comes to cleaning your roof, vinyl siding, wood decking, and more. Soft washing uses industry-proven cleaning products and spot cleaning techniques to gently eliminate moss, algae, dirt, and other contaminants that can detract from the look of your outdoor spaces around your Portland home or business.

So, where would soft washing be used around your Portland property? Let's take a look at a few of the soft washing services we offer that will give your Portland area home, business, or industrial facility a pristine freshness:

Roof Rejuvenation

When your roof is covered in moss, black algae, and mildew, it not only detracts from the appeal of your home, but damages your roofing materials and can even invade your wood sub-structure. Our roof cleaning services include soft brushing, soft washing, and preventative treatment applications to prohibit the re-growth of invasive organisms, giving your roof a revived radiance and extending the life of your roofing materials!

Gleaming Gutters

A vital component to maintaining the fresh appeal of your Portland property's roof is to maintain the gutters - and gutter cleaning and downspout washing will do just that. By eliminating clogs and debris from your gutter systems and removing organic growth and dirt from your gutter exteriors, gutter cleaning protects your roof, your plants, your walkways, and your foundation and keeps your gutters flowing freely.

Sparkling Siding

House washing uses the soft wash application to safely remove algae, dirt, and stains from vinyl, wood, and composite siding to give your home a pristine freshness. Using gentle cleaning solutions to saturate grime and pollutants which are then washed away with a clear stream of fresh water, house washing is also safe for delicate stucco and brick, and much more!

Shining Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning maximizes the solar collection area on your solar panels to keep them operating at peak performance by removing grimy buildup, organic growth, and environmental pollutants from your solar panel surface. Using the soft washing method, cooked-on contaminants are saturated with industry-proven cleaning products and then gently rinsed away with a stream of clear water.

Wonderful Windows

Portland provides spectacular views, and routine window cleaning will help keep them clear and free of streaks, grime, and organic growth. From simple single-pane windows to solariums, window washing uses hands-on cleaning techniques, industry-proven products, and a gentle touch to clean your windows inside and out.

At Expert Property Maintenance, we take pride in our work and it shows - call us today at 971-409-2790 to schedule house washing, roof cleaning, or any of our pressure washing and soft washing services for your Portland area home, business, or commercial property.