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Bathroom Drywall Repair in Lake Oswego

Bathroom Drywall Repair in Lake Oswego

Following the meticulous replacement of the damaged drywall, our skilled team meticulously prepped the surface to ensure a seamless integration with the existing wall. Applying multiple layers of joint compound, we expertly smoothed out imperfections before carefully texturing the surface to match the surrounding area's pattern and consistency. Our team then applied a primer to guarantee optimal paint adherence and proceeded with precision in painting the area, layering on the chosen color to achieve a flawless finish. The final result showcases not only a structurally sound wall but also a visually consistent and aesthetically pleasing surface that seamlessly blends with the surrounding space, providing a polished and renewed environment.

Service provided: Bathroom Remodeling

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

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Client Review

Extremely pleased with the quality of work and the professionalism of the team from the owner to the crew. I have used them for gutter cleaning, siding repair, fence building, painting and even a full renovation of one of our units.

- Andrew J.